You are living in the greatest time the world has ever known for building a customer base. In the long past, we all had to contact people directly.Then there were the newspapers and magazines where we could write things to encourage people to try our services or products. More recently we have been using the television where millions of people can be reached through sound and imagery to encourage them to give our business a chance to serve.

Winter is coming

It has never been easier to find new customers through your doors this winter. Even on the internet, the challenge for years has been where to advertise so that you could contact your target market. Recently internet advertising has become more effective than ever. Now you don’t advertise. Instead, the customers find you using a store locator for wordpress.

This new phenomenon is called lead generation. These lead generators are actually like search engines for services or products that you are looking for. Lead generating is one of the fastest growing advertising tools on the market.This style of customer contact has increased by almost 100% every year for the past five years. This market is only bound to increase as the demand for it is still far greater than generators can fulfill.

How do the generators work?

A business like yours contacts the generator and asks for your product or service to be included as an option for searching customers. There is usually a very affordable charge to subscribe to the generator.What is great is that you can put specifications for the type of customer that you are looking for. Customers that do not meet your specifications will not come to you, only those you want.

The searching customer at some point applies to the generator and says that they are interested in your service. At this point, the generator informs you that there is a customer with the specifications that you desired. At that time you can purchase the contact information for that customer and connect with them, making them one of your customers.

There is a small fee for every customer, and usually, multiple companies are bidding on that customer so that they can expand their business. After that first time, the customer will know how to connect with you directly, and you have built up your customer base in the process.The reason this business is so effective is that the people you are contacting have already expressed interest in what you do and went so far as to contact you. They are searching for what you have and all you have to do is supply it!

Lead generating process

If you have not yet become involved in the lead generating process than you better join in sooner rather than later. After your initial fee, you don’t even pay anything until you want one of the customers who is applying for contact with you. There are no strings attached; you are just linked to people you want to give your services to.As this market increases, it is likely that your competition is using lead generators. Remember that as you get leads from the generators, you are not only getting more business but taking the business that could be your competitors.

There is no reason to limit your subscription to lead generators. The more generators you are linked to, the most potential business you will find, and that will only be increased as lead generators continue to penetrate the market on all services.